a still shot from the installation "living still life" in Helsinki, 2021

Living Still Life

This project was supported by a grant from KulttuuriEspoo. Exploring the use of visual design principles in sound curation using concepts like mimicry, self-similarity, and biophilia effect, I am attempting to create a cohesive (and approachable) sound world not reliant on traditional theories of musical composition.

Still Life Moving Fast.jpg
By dali.uffs.net, Fair use, Link

During the research phase of this project, I spent much time studying how sound travels through various materials common to interior design (glass vases, books, and other domestic tchotchkes).

a still shot from the installation "living still life" in Helsinki, 2021

Using this data and some intuition, I designed a “living still life,” modeled after Salvador Dali’s Nature Morte Vivante. The expressive movement in his painting communicates Dali’s underlying philosophy of Nuclear Mysticism wherein, although a painting may appear to be a static object, on an atomic level, there is a plethora of movement. The observer is invited to interact with the objects and create their own acoustic sounds which they can then compare with the electronically transmitted sounds.

The piece was presented at Taideyliopisto in Helsinki in December 2021. It is staged on a wooden table (118 cm x73.5 cm) with several audio exciters attached to the materials. A belaMini, mounted to the table, controls the sound. Because of the nature of the sound emission, the volume is highly localized, meaning that it is almost imperceptible if you are more than a few meters away.