Category: algorithmic composition

  • Static Chatter – Sound Installation

    Static Chatter – Sound Installation

    As part of Aalto Univeristy’s Pikku-√Ą√§niAalto festival, I created a sound installation at the Aalto Radio Observatory with Bespoke Realities Collective. Bespoke Realities Collective is Ava Grayson, Chris Bradburry, and myself. For the installation we experimented with sonifying signals in the 2 GHz domain, intercepting bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals before synthesizing them and projecting the…

  • VR Glove Synth

    VR Glove Synth

    This project explores the 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum through sound and touch. By sending potentiometer data from their fingers to SuperCollider, the wearer can control the sound. The potentiometer is a commonly used tool in musical applications and can easily be integrated into any code or patch with a few adjustments. The servo motors provide…

  • Environmentally Reactive Sound Design

    Environmentally Reactive Sound Design

    I wrote my bachelor’s thesis on environmentally reactive sound design. As part of my thesis requirements, I created a proof-of-concept device to play music that adjusts itself automatically to changes in the environment.

  • modular synthesis

    modular synthesis

    A series of experiments with the MakeNoise Shared System. The Shared System is a modular synthesizer with sound sources such as analog oscillators, samplers based on a tape reel paradigm, and a self-oscillating reverb. A sequencer based on a 4×4 matrix helps create unusual passages. This system is based on design principles pioneered by Don…